Monday, 11 February 2013

How Tim Ireland abused the trust of his employer then misused his resources to smear and attack witnesses to the Leveson Inquiry.

 FOR some months now Tim Ireland, AKA @Bloggerheads, has repeatedly told his internet cronies that he will soon be in a position to explain his prolonged absence from Twitter, only to up and go missing again.

 It has led to some speculating that he is in the midst of one of yet another one of his  personal crises.

Today TT can put their minds at rest and explain the actual reason: namely that the carefully constructed web of lies Ireland has been spinning for several years has well and truly unravelled in the most deserved and humiliating fashion.

The self-styled crusader for truth has had to walk out on his job before he was fired after his employer was alerted to the fact that Ireland was secretly using the resources of one of the UK’s biggest internet companies to smear and abuse a whole host of public figures, journalists, and witnesses to the Leveson Inquiry.

 At once it explains how victims have found Ireland’s smears at the top of any Google search just hours after he has blogged them – namely that he has been using Jellyfish’s powerful search engine optimisation for his own despicable ends.

Worst still from an honesty point of view, the targets for Ireland’s abuse have included many of the corporate clients who pay Jellyfish Limited millions of pounds each year to promote them on the internet.

Thus one can readily see why Ireland’s £30,000 a year position as SEO and Social Manager at Jellyfish in Reigate, Surrey, has become completely untenable.

For those who are unfamiliar with Ireland’s unique brand of Twitter “handiwork” here are just a few from countless examples:                                 

One could go on and on - with even unborn children being seen as objects of scorn by Ireland:

Then we move on to the man whom Ireland refers to on his various blogs as "the evil one."

Here again we see Ireland tweeting abuse directly to Rupert Murdoch.

Nothing wrong with that, you might say, until you turn to the page on Jellyfish’s website which lists its clients:

Page from Jellyfish website removed (easy to find via Google).
Yes there in black and white – third down in the first column – The Times newspaper owned and funded by one Rupert Murdoch.

It must be stressed at this point that Jellyfish was completely unaware of how Ireland was mis-using its resources – and were horrorstruck when the full extent of his actions were fully explained to them.

Page from Jellyfish website removed (easy to find via Google).

 As you can see here – Ireland has personally worked on Jellyfish’sTesco account, which would ironically include ensuring that abusive material about the company is removed from the internet.

Astonishing then that we not only see him posting abusive comments about the supermarket giant to his 6,000 Twitter followers – but also harassing the official @UKTesco account.

The list could literally continue on as many other Jellyfish clients - The Telegraph, The Spectator Magazine, and The Guardian – have all come in for abuse from Ireland at the same time the company has been promoting them on the internet.

UPDATE: Last week Jellyfish removed Ireland’s name from the “Our People” web page. At least one of his victims is understood to be consulting lawyers about a possible suit against the firm for failing to monitor and so curb Ireland’s abuse, with potentially more to follow. it is clear Ireland has been using Jellyfish web property links to further his causes of smear and slander. Where he will turn up next no-one knows – but whoever employs him might want to check out what he is tweeting and blogging about their clients.


  1. Great piece. Tim Ireland is a pathetic specimen. He gives Australians everwhere a really bad name. How can this man claim to be a victim? ALL the evidence points to him being a STALKER and a CRIMINAL. Now that Ireland is mincemeat it is time someone investigated the deluded Richard Bartholomew of Bartholomew's Notes on Religion. He has been a facilitator in all Ireland's vicious attacks and he should be brought to justice swiftly.

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  3. I have spoken with jellyfish owners who have asked to request that my remarks be removed from blog. which i agree with them being removed. if owner of blog can concider my jellyfish are as much a victim as the rest of us and others.glen