Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Just Who is Richard Bartholomew (Besides being another abusive internet Troll that is)?

UPDATE: Two anonymous trolls have asked to have comments published in which they abuse TT for being an anonymous troll. If either promises to see the irony of such a request TT promises to re consider their pleas (before telling them where to go).

The first thing that should be said about this blog entry is that it has been a long time coming. Richard Bartholomew AKA @Barthsnotes is an unemployed librarian who has been smearing and slandering TT for 12 months.

For victims such as the MP Nadine Dorries and Glen Jenvey the online stalking and abuse from this bespectacled buffoon has gone on for much longer.

All the while Bartholomew has done this under the presumption that no-one can find him.

Well that ends today.

It should also be observed that several tweeters and bloggers have pointed out that no expose on Tim Ireland would be complete without writing a line or two on his fellow online stalker-in-chief. Bartholomew too has posted abusive tweets and blogs about witnesses to the Leveson Inquiry, while all the while telling more than a few porkies of his own.

Laughably he whimpered last that TT was "threatening his family" by simply saying that he was going to be writing about him next.

Well @Barthnotes the only risk here is others seeing what a very, very sad man you are.

                                         JUST WHO IS RICHARD BARTHOLOMEW?

For a start he isn't very different from Tim Ireland, in that he is a classic under achiever who regularly attacks others for no reason other than they appear to be more successful than himself (not hard).

And as with @Bloggerheads he has the coward's pack mentality when it comes to attacking the weak and the vulnerable.

Take, for example, this blog he wrote on former activist Glen Jenvey knowing full well the latter was in the midst of a having a nervous breakdown.

And again here in the same blog - in which Bartholomew callously mentions how Mr Jenvey has talked of suicide:

Comparisons between the two don't end there, however.

@Barthsnotes appears to take the same childish view of the world which says he can freely attack others without any of it coming back to him.

Foolishly he also assumes that because he has a relatively common name, it will be impossible to find him.

Take, for example, this typically oddball entryon the website

 Well guess what? TT has.

The picture and bio are definitely right - but the place is very definitely wrong. Another example, perhaps, of how @Barthsnotes thinks he can hide from the people he abuses on the internet.

In fact an advert in the Hastings edition of Friday Ad reveals his true wherabouts - with Bartholomew advertising offering ghost writing services (shurely shome mishtake) from a local phone number.

That number is the landline for the home this oddball in his forties shares with his elderly mother Rosemary, secretary of the Hastings Writers Group from whence @Barthsnotes tries so hard to hide at their fortnightly meetings.

Indeed Bartholomew gives the same area for his location on a very odd sounding dating website:

Bartholomew describes his blog as a blog about religion but it is principally a political blog. It takes an anti-Christian line attacking low-hanging Christian victims such as African preachers and US Bible belt cranks. 

He has also been known to work with al Qaeda supporting blogs such as the now removed to get ammo on his Christian and Jewish victims. Some of Bartholomew’s smears are highly personal and he is decidedly dishonest.

The religious posts are cover for the blog’s real purpose which is attacking the likes of US-based Jewish researcher Robert Spence, the Conservative Party and the anti Islamist English Defence League. 

Bartholomew is very wary about putting his personal details on the web and revels in anonymity yet he still smears and slanders innocent people and is so brazen as to condemn anonymous internet attacks. So it is just and fitting that his victims should know the following details about him and where he resides so they can finally take legal action against this sad, middle-aged loser:

The Bartholomews’ property has a value in the region of £197,000.00 but the property is in his mother’s name. His mother, a divorcee, rents out rooms to lodgers at this property to help make ends meet. 

Indeed, she has even published a book on how to do so. Sadly, it hasn't done  too well and she’s trying to sell all the unsold copies have ended up on EBay.

Bartholomew is listed as a member of the Society of Indexers and is a qualified librarian - quite appropriate for a keyboard warrior on twitter.

For some extraordinary reason, Bartholomew worked for a few months as a visiting lecturer several years ago at the School of Oriental & African Studiesin London after working with a TEFL qualification as an English teacher in Japan. He also once posted a blog for the Guardian Newspaper but the Guardian Group has since disassociated from him. 

Bartholomew is unemployed (though he would call himself self-employed) and has a patchy financial history and benefits record. He seems to own very few assets. It seems his day job is helping out at the boarding house him Mum runs. 

The plain facts of the matter - and one he is desperate to keep hidden - is that @Barthsnotes is a sad, deluded leftist with no scruples who for years has hidden behind the fallen blogger and stalker Tim Ireland.

He deserves to be exposed. His anonymity has now officially ended.