Friday, 16 November 2012

Tim Ireland - More Tory Than The Rest Of Us?

Tim Ireland - More Tory Than The Rest Of  Us?

He is the computer geek long on talk and short on courage.

A man who repeatedly rants  about what the  Tories have done to the UK and who has “joked” about shooting one female Conservative MP through the brain and of raping another.

But the real wheeze is that Tim Ireland, who has occupied 100s of man hours from at least three police forces due to his venomous attacks on Twitter and on his blog, isn’t even from these shores.

The oddball who lives in a former council house (much, much more on this later) in Guildford, Surrey, originates from a small hick town in Australia.

Still more hilariously, that he lives here at all is largely due to his marriage to the daughter of a onetime banker whose family have much more in common with the kind of dyed-in-the-wool Tories that he loathes than the working class Lefties who follow his hysterical tweets.

Indeed so blue-blooded is Timothy by marriage that he is actually listed in The Peerage (a genealogical survey of the peerage of Britain as well as the Royal families of Europe) – yes the man who hates all things Conservative! 

His father in law, the late Peter Allsopp, a former director of the London Bach Society no less, was even educated at Eton College (yes the same one where David Cameron and most of his Tory cabinet list as their Alma Mater).

Sometimes, as the saying goes, truth is truly stranger than fiction:

Peter William Allsopp1
M, #442141, b. 2 May 1940

Last Edited=21 Mar 2012
     Peter William Allsopp was born …… He is the son of John Ranulph Allsopp and Audrey Carteret Priaulx Fellows.2 He married Pepita Mason, daughter of Lt.-Cdr. Peter E Mason, on …..1
     He was educated at
Eton College, Windsor, Berkshire, England.1 He lived in 2003 at……….

Ireland himself appears in The Peerage courtesy of his marriage to Mr Allsopp’s youngest daughter Katherine.
Katherine Pepita Allsopp1
F, #442147,

Last Edited=21 Mar 2012
     Katherine Pepita Allsopp was born on …..1She is the daughter of Peter William Allsopp and Pepita Mason.2 She married Timothy Scott Ireland, son of Donald Ireland, in 1993.1
      From 1993, her married name became Ireland.

As Ireland himself tweeted last month – the couple reside in a former council property, which found its way onto the private market as a result of a Tory policy which enabled the working classes to become homeowners.

Ireland ranted about this to his supporters but left out one very salient – one might even say hypocritical fact. His mother in law has bought the council house immediately next door to him as a Buy To Let. Not bad so long as you have £250,000 cash to spare – Mrs Allsop bought the house without a mortgage.

Whenever there has been speculation about Ireland’s Tory connections he has dismissed them as lies – no doubt more than a little concerned about that his comrades might think.

Sadly for Timothy a piece of Labour legislation this time – means that the ownership of properties such as that in the hands of Mrs Allsopp can be ascertained for as little as £3.

More bloggage on our hypocritical – and very cowardly – friend (very) soon.


  1. This is an interesting read. I urge you to expose Ireland's sidekick Richard Bartholomew who lives in Hastings with his elderly mother. It is important that those who are harassed by lowlife like Fenton, Ireland & Bartholomew know just what pathetic human beings these Twitter characters are in real life. Important question: Ireland works for the SEO agency Jellyfish, so answer me this, why do his superiors at the company allow him to tweet filth all day while he is supposed to be at work? His late father in law's money looks like it will become even more useful to him in coming weeks.

  2. Just saw a video he has posted on YouTube in which Ireland calls himself an "online journalist." Same clip has him saying how he does SEO by day "then dons a cape a night" to put journalists and papers to right. Is he thick or something? All his stalking tweets and blogs are being posted during the day - presumably at Jellyfish's expense.