Thursday, 8 November 2012

Stalking someone near you.

* Pictured here Tim Fenton - his real name is Paul but that's not the only oddity about the balding blogger.

Twitter has given us a unique opportunity to bring social classes, sexes, and those of every race and creed together in one 140 word melting pot.

Sadly for every star on Twitter - Guido Fawkes being one - there is a stalker, usually a social misfit who goes virtually unnoticed in their everyday existence.

Paul Timothy Fenton, born in Leeds in September 1954, lives alone in Crewe, and has never been married. He grew up in Bradford, and seems to have become a train spotter from an early age. Sadly the advance of the worldwide web has led to Timothy deciding the outside world should have his views on more than the latest locomotives.

 He is on several social networks, including Facebook, where he has a total of 14 friends.

Odd then, perhaps, that when we switch to Twitter he has more than 4,000 followers except, as has been pointed out elsewhere, the vast majority are fake.

In fairness to oddball Tim he has pointed out that the bogus followers were bought by others as a joke - but has been in no hurry to use easily available software to have them unfollow him.

Fenton you see is all about attention - usually tweeting and attacking other more successful bloggers such as the aforementioned Guido in a bid to divert some of the attention they receive on to himself.

Quite what he does away from Twitter is unclear - and from the little there is it is nothing much to shout about.

Tim is a director of an IT consultancy bearing his name - his younger sister Miriam  is the company secretary- but the last set of accounts in 2010 show profits of just £7,558. Home is a terraced house he purchased for under £100,000 from where he works comically from a PC he calls "Tim's computer".

Online rarely a day goes by without Tim stalking Guido or his counterpart Harry Cole - then writing a blog about it. Rarely do they provoke any reaction - leading to the entirely accurate description of him as "No Comments Tim", so he has got nastier and nastier in a bid to get a reaction.

Recently that has included turning his bile on the Troll - with disastrous consequences.

Compliments to blogger Billy Bowden for his brilliant expose here:


Tim puts his foot in it!

I dont normally get myself involved in spats that have nothing to do with me, but due to my strict beliefs of honest blogging and my hatred of smears i have today broken that rule.

This is a pic of Zelo Street (Tim Fentons blog page)

Very brave Tim, very brave.

However all is not what it seems.

Now to my untrained eye those two pictures look the same, the person that Tim claimed was Dennis was actually Rupert. Normally this would be embarrassing at worst until i found this

Stay classy Tim!

Of course he has now removed the picture, i hope he will apologize to the family of the late Mr Hamer for any distress caused and i hope he takes time out to reflect on what has happened.  Update :

Those familiar with these nasty moments on Twitter - taunting a cancer victim is another  recent example - won't be surprised to hear that examples of his bile even before social networking aren't difficult to find.

One Googlegroups exchange on the UK railways shows Fenton routinely becoming involved in spats with other trainspotters - so crude are the remarks that they are better not mentioned in detail here. Suffice to say he discusses cancer, masturbation, and claims that his rivals's partners are sleeping around.

As Timothy would say - no change there then.

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