Saturday, 9 June 2012

Who is @tabloidtroll?

Contrary to what you may have read elsewhere on Twitter Tabloidtroll isn't the work of any one person holding only one set of views.

Indeed, for those who follow the account closely enough - such as the perceptive talkSPORT radio host Mike Graham - you'll see that the tweets from @tabloidtroll are too varied and, in some cases, too contradictory to be coming from the keyboard of a single journalist.

The point of the Twitter account and hopefully this Blog is to give you some insight - assuming you even want one - into what some of the country's tabloid journalists are thinking. The reason why they can't express those thoughts under their own names is fairly obvious - like dealing with some unpleasant truths about those who pay our wages.

It has meant that in the case of one journalist wrongly identified as being Tabloidtroll we haven't been able disprove blatant lies which have been told about him in an instant - which coming out and saying who we are would obviously do.

And without giving too much more away we can tell you that those contributing to this Tweet/Blog come from four very different and distinct tabloid newspapers - giving you unparalleled insights, for example, about what is happening behind the scenes at News International, while also writing about the internal machinations at Associated Newspapers, publisher of the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday. Among our ranks are both Sunday and Daily newspaper staff of all colours and creeds, and sexes.

And if sometimes we sound angry that is simply because we are bloody angry - not least by the way that some who have reinvented and misrepresented their own limited national newspaper careers claim they are speaking for us, knowing as they do that our newspapers frequently stop those who work on them from speaking out. To be fair it is the rubbish said and written by these "journalists" which persuaded us it was time to talk, albeit in this limited form for now.

And while we don't realistically expect to alter your views the very least we hope to achieve is to entertain you a little. If trying to guess who is behind this account is part of that then so be it - however, it would be nice if the bile written by a handful of idiots about it being an Ad hominem account could end now.

As we all know such accounts are closed down by Twitter in an instant and how many Ad hom's have 2,600 plus followers? Precisely.

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