Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Troll Update

Yesterday TT had a Twitter spat which involved a young journalist called Mic Wright who tweets as @brokenbottleboy.

This is a brief explanation of the background to this row for the benefit of some who only saw the later tweets and misinterpreted the exchange.

For clarity a friend of TT was taking Mr Wright to task over a  direct message he sent to this account back in April suggesting he visit a specific page of a blogger because the latter had written something about TT.

In fact, as it turned out, the exercise was to assist the blogger in trying to trap TT into giving the identity of the account holders away via IP addresses.

After more than an hour of exchanging tweets Mr Wright finally admitted to this yesterday - justifying his actions by stating that he believed TT had made a number of unjustified attacks on others via Twitter.

Of course he is entitled to his opinion - as we all are.

The point, however, remains that instead of engaging with TT and making his feelings known Mr Wright took part in a sting against other journalists.

As one of his supporters said yesterday - IP address investigations are only justified when someone has committed a crime - something that TT wholly concurs with.

All TT is saying is that it is a sad day when journalists start turning on each other - particularly as this particular blogger has a long and dubious track record of bullying and abusing hacks on Twitter.

Indeed the said blogger is currently hounding a former TV production assistant from Question Time who was asked to deal with his complaint about being removed from the show. Despite the fact that she has tweeted that she has left QT and is now working at London 2012 he continues to ridicule her - lately asking if she was fired from her old job.

Earlier the same blogger targeted the respected Italy-based journalist Nick Pisa simply because of a subbing error at a national newspaper office in London which the latter knew nothing about.

Discussing this any further simply gives the blogger the attention he craves. 

TT apologises here to Mr Wright for suggesting that commissioning editors might want to re consider employing him - that was wrong and said in the heat of the moment. However, TT does ask him to perhaps not work against people in his own industry in such an underhand way again.


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