Sunday, 19 August 2012

Apologise Now Tim

As one suspects is the case with many on Twitter - boredom is acute re the spats with Tim Ireland and Tim Fenton over the last few days.

TT's crime has been to point out that it is not acceptable for Ireland to use analogies involving rape and shooting towards women on Twitter. The fact that he hasn't got the guts to apologise for either- as even some of his followers have suggested he should - clearly means he thinks what he has done is acceptable.

Fenton has waded in because Ireland has been complaining that TT has been threatening him - bit odd that when he is the one talking about raping and shooting. Not once has Fenton addressed the real issue of why his friend feels the need to be so malicious towards his targets, who are frequently woman.

Instead both are claiming the real issue here is the identity of TT - an identity no-one other than the pair care about, and one which Ireland claims to have revealed four months ago (though typically he won't reveal his damning IP evidence unless it's in court LOL).

Well chaps that isn't going to wash. You made the remarks Tim - no-one else. If you're not man enough to face up to the fact that people find you an abhorrent sack of shit (others words on Twitter) then tough. Don't go trying to change the debate away from you.

And if continue hurling insults and abuse to try and stop TT from pointing this out then this is a direct invitation for me to come and ask you face to face to ask you nicely stop doing it. No amount of online challenges or wimpering about non existent threats to your family is going to change that Timothy.

Every action has a consequence - even an idiot like you must see that. Ends.

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